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Supertramp is an English progressive rock and pop band that had a series of top-selling albums in the 1970s. The name Supertramp, was taken from W. H. Davies' 1908 novel ''The Autobiography of a Super-Tramp''.

Their early music included ambitious concept albums, but they are best known for their later, somewhat Beatlesque pop songs including "Dreamer", "Goodbye Stranger", "Give A Little Bit", and "The Logical Song".

Once upon a time in 1969, a young Dutch millionaire by the name of Stanley August Miesegaes gave his acquaintance, vocalist and keyboardist Rick Davies, a "genuine opportunity" to form his own band; he could form the band of his dreams, and Miesegaes would pay for it. After placing an ad in Melody Maker, Davies assembled Supertramp alongside co-founders Roger Hodgson (vocals, piano, guitar, cello), Richard Palmer (vocals, guitar, balalaika), and former stage actor Robert Millar (percussion, harmonica).

Supertramp released two long-winded progressive rock albums before Miesegaes withdrew his support, and by early 1972, Davies and Hodgson were the only founding members remaining. The pair began an extensive search for replacements and soon pieced together the lineup that would be responsible for Supertramp's definitive sound, comprising new members Doug Thomson (bass), Bob Siebenberg (percussion), and John Helliwell (woodwinds, saxophone, keyboards).

Supertramp has had many members throughout the years, including Roger Hodgson (vocals, guitars, keyboard (to 1983), replaced by Carl Verheyen), Bob Benberg, Kevin Currie (percussion), Rick Davies (vocals, piano, harmonica), Frank Farrell (harmony vocals, bass, piano, accordion), Mark Hart (vocals, keyboards, guitars), John Helliwell (saxophone, woodwinds), Bob Miller, Richard Palmer (vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, balalaika), Bob Siebenberg (drums, percussion), Carl Verheyen (guitars), Dave Winthrop (vocals flutes, saxophones), Dougie Thomson (bass replaced by Cliff Hugo), Robert Millar (musician) - percussion, harmonica, Cliff Hugo – (bass), Tom Walsh_(musician) - percussion, some drums; and Lee Thornburg – (background vocals, trombone, trumpet).

With no money or fan base to speak of, the expanded Supertramp was forced to redesign their sound. Coming up with a more pop-oriented form of progressive rock, the band had a hit with their third album, Crime Of The Century. Throughout the decade, Supertramp had a number of best-selling albums, culminating in their 1979 masterpiece Breakfast In America. Breakfast In America marked their first album that tipped the scale completely in the favor of pop songs; on the strength of the hit singles "Goodbye Stranger," "The Logical Song," and "Take The Long Way Home," it sold over 18 million copies worldwide. After that album, Supertramp continued to develop a more R&B-flavored style; the change in direction was successful on 1982's Famous Last Words. Hodgson left in 1983 to mount a solo career, and Supertramp continued to sporadically record and tour into the 21st century.


Live, 1997 - 2006

Retrospectacle: The Supertramp Anthology – 2005

Inside Supertramp 1974-1978: An Independant Critical Review - 2004

Slow Motion - 2002

Is Everybody Listening? - 2001

The Very Best of Supertramp, Vol. 2 - 2000

It Was the Best of Times – 1999

Some Things Never Change - 1997

The Autobiography of Supertramp - 1994

The Very Best of Supertramp – 1992

Classics, Vol. 9 – 1987

Free as a Bird – 1987

Brother Where You Bound - 1985

...Famous Last Words... - 1982

Paris - 1980

Breakfast in America - 1979

Even in the Quietest Moments... – 1977

Crisis? What Crisis? - 1975

Crime of the Century – 1974

Indelibly Stamped – 1971

Supertramp - 1970

Supertramp has a lot of quality songs, such as Breakfast In America, Cannonball, Dreamer, Give A Little Bit, Goodbye Stranger, It's Raining Again, My Kind Of Lady, Oh, Darling, Take The Long Way Home and The Logical Song, among others…

Thank you, Supertramp, for some great music…

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